My Name is Jessy, I am a Practicing Midwife, and a fully Qualified and insured Hypnobirthing Teacher. 

I am truly passionate about making labour and birth a Empowering and special time for women and there Family's.


My Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education programme that develops understanding and teaches techniques that can help towards a calmer labour and birth.  It is completely evidence based course that I teach aided by my years of experience as a Birth centre Midwife.


Mumma Bear Hypnobirthing focuses on a combination of education, self-hypnosis and deep relaxation, which between them help to reduce the effects of fear, tension and pain breaking the cycle leading to a calmer, easier birthing experience. I Focus heavily on Active birthing and free mobilisation. 

I also cover all postnatal aspect Feeding, bonding and what to expect in those first 6 weeks.


Suitable for Home births, Birth centre or Midwifery led units, Delivery suites or consultant led units and caesarean sections. 

I have Royal college of midwives accredited KG Hypnobirthing Diploma.