"I'd heard about hypnobirthing through my mum, who is a midwife, and wanted to give myself the tools to have the most positive birth experience possible. So at 29 weeks, Jessy came and conducted a private session at home with myself and my boyfriend. It was everything I wanted and hoped it would be - reassuring, useful and full of strategies and techniques to put into practice during labour. Jessy made the session informative, interesting and relaxed - we both felt completely comfortable and at ease practicing the techniques and felt able to ask absolutely any question without judgement. Jessy is so approachable and genuinely invested in your journey as a family. Even my sceptical boyfriend was converted as the focus of the session was as much on him as on me, providing him with strategies for supporting me throughout the birth. This helped him to feel more in control and calmer about being able to be useful during the experience! We both ended the session feel calm and excited for the birth of our daughter. Over the next few weeks we listened to the relaxation tapes and practiced the techniques we were taught in preparation for labour. Later in my pregnancy, I was told that I had gestational diabetes and that our baby was measuring on the 97th centile. With all medical advice in mind, we decided to schedule an elective c-section. I was initially disappointed that I would not have the natural birth that I anticipated but am now at peace that the decision is the right one for our baby. Jessy was able to provide me with a number of relaxation and positive statement audio files specifically tailored to a caesarean birth which have helped lots. We are still planning to use hypnobirthing techniques to remain calm and relaxed during the procedure and to make the experience as positive and gentle for our family and we still feel that the positivity and confidence with which we are approaching the arrival of our baby is largely down to our hypnobirthing preparation with Jessy."

"All of it was Brilliant start to finish!"



"Jessy was superb. Feel a lot more confident now! Excited and not stressed! 


"No improvments needed! Do not change a thing"

(Jessy) "Makes such a relaxed environment, with such a knowladge Teacher" 

"Fabulous insight in to lead up to labour and birth. Useful tips to start straight away. Very Pleased :-)"

"Talking about what to do in different stages of Labour and time frames with a midwife was amazing! Jessie was so lovely and very helpful.

Many thanks"

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